This week was the first time that Blair Morgan, Jack Sadler, Ol Mick Bretton, Stella Vaughn and I officially worked together as a part of our new agency, No Stain No Problem (NSNP), and boy did we have some work to do! Our first caller of the week had us heading to Harrison- a tiny little town in rural Idaho in which lies the dirty motel where our client brutally murdered a man (not that that’s any of our business). It wasn’t an easy clean up, as there was blood and appendages strewn everywhere, but we did the job. Here is my full update on our Harrison job.

Our second client of the week sent us to an equally unimpressive location- the town of Tecolotito, NM. It was there that our client disposed of a big time lawyer lady named Wanda T. Fox by drowning her in her own bathtub. Unfortunately, the whole second floor of the apartment complex was flooded in the process. Nevertheless, it was a slightly more straight forward job I suppose. Here is my full update on our Tecolotito job

We did find some suspicious things while working on our two jobs this week, and it seems to revolve around cats. Both locations seemed to be scenes of, in addition to murder of course, cat disappearance. I don’t know what this means, but I do know that it is suspicious. My fellow agency members and I will be working around the clock to close this case, you can count on it!!

One comment on “Cheaper by the Dozen

  1. Janelle Pierangelino

    You do an exceptional job with your updates on your cases, especially how they are active on your agency site. This investigation is one that is full of many unfolding mysteries and I do hope that you update on Twitter to let noir106 know the status of this case. I look forward to reading more.

    PS. We have a missing cat running around too. I have to tell you those cats move quick!

    -Sebastian Crane

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