The Finale

This post wraps up my work for the semester in ds106! I tried to get as much work done as I could these last two weeks, but between finals, baseball, and searching for off-campus living for next year, I was not able to work on a final case. I did manage, however, to get my assignment ideas, tutorials, and daily creates done in the short amount of free time I had.

One of the assignments I created is called “Have a phone conversation with yourself.” <—- That link will take you to its page in the ds106 assignment bank. This assignment is fairly simple: it requires you to record yourself doing both sides of a conversation and then change your voice on at least one of the sides to make it sound like two different people are talking. I also did a tutorial for this assignment, which includes an example that I made. Click the links below to get to my blog posts for the assignment and tutorial.



The other assignment I created is called “Do a talk show interview.” <—- That link will take you to its page in the ds106 assignment bank. This assignment is a little bit more complicated: you have to download a clip from a talk show of your choice, record your own answers to the host’s questions, and then work some video editing magic to blend the clips together to make it look like you have been interviewed on the talk show. I also did a tutorial for this assignment, which includes an example that I made. Click the links below to get to my blog posts for the assignment and tutorial.



I also created two daily creates this week. The first one involves photo-shopping a picture taken at this year’s NFL Draft, and the other involves learning a bit of a new language. Here is my blog post introducing my daily create ideas. I hope they are worthy of use in ds106!

Overall, I enjoyed my time in ds106 this semester. My only regret is that I fell short on some of the weekly work in the middle of the semester due to my busy schedule. It is definitely a time-consuming course, but I feel like I definitely came away with some useful skills working with different types of media. I enjoyed the group work aspects of the course the most. I think it is questionable that this is listed as a 100 level gen ed course since it is so intensive. But I had fun! Billy Steel/Brian Burns signing off for good!

Daily Create Ideas

The first daily create that I came up with is called “Who’s the #1 pick?” The idea of this daily create is for the student to choose someone they think deserves a #1 pick in life, and photoshop them into the following picture. The picture was taken at this year’s NFL Draft and shows NFL commissioner Roger Goodell with one of the drafted players. I think it’s a cool idea. Check it out!

fowler draft


The second daily create that I came up with is called “Learn a new language.” The instructions are as follows: choose a language that you have never spoken, and use the internet to learn the numbers 1-10 in that language. Then make a video and upload it to YouTube of you counting to ten in your new language. Brownie points for correct pronunciation.

I hope that my daily create ideas will be used in the future. What do you guys think?

TUTORIAL- Do a Talk Show Interview

This is the tutorial for the assignment I created called “Do a Talk Show Interview.”¬†You can click on the link to view the assignment in the ds106 assignment bank.

1. Download a clip. Find an appropriate talk show clip to use for your interview. Length is up to you, but you’re going to want to find something less than ten minutes. Try to find a clip where you can isolate a lot of footage of just the interviewer, not the person being interviewed. That way it will look better when you substitute in footage of yourself.

2. Trim the video. Put the downloaded clip into a video editing program, like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. I used Movie Maker. Once the clip is uploaded to the program, cut out the parts of the video that you don’t want. When you’re finished with this step, all that should be left is footage of the interviewer asking questions.

movie maker 1

3. Plan your responses. Now that you’ve isolated the questions in the interview, come up with appropriate responses in order to make the interview flow nicely and seem realistic.

4. Record and format. Do a webcam recording of your responses, one at a time. Then put the responses into the appropriate places between the question clips. Play with the trim tool in order to make the video flow as well as possible.

movie maker 2

5. You’re done! Check out what my interview looks like. I did an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. It was a lot of fun. Enjoy!

Do a Talk Show Interview

This is the second and final assignment I created for the ds106 assignment bank. It is a four star video assignment that requires a lot of time and a fair bit of video editing skill. The full description of the assignment can be found here. An accompanying tutorial for this assignment will be up in the next couple of days. Enjoy!

TUTORIAL- Have a Phone Conversation With Yourself

This is the tutorial for the assignment I created called “Have a Phone Conversation With Yourself.” You can click on the link to view the assignment in the ds106 assignment bank.

1. Write a script. Get both sides of the conversation down on paper, separated by each “person” in the convo. Length is up to you. I tried to make about a minute worth of dialogue.

2. Record. Record each side of the conversation as two separate audio tracks in audacity. Be sure to leave pauses in between each line you say. That way, you can split the audio up nicely to fit both sides of the dialogue in and make it flow nicely.

Screen shot 1


3. Format. Split the audio, move it around, do what you gotta do to line it up. When you’re done with this step, it should literally sound like you’re having a conversation with yourself.

4. Change your voice. I used the “Change Pitch” effect. It is easy to find in the “Effects” drop down menu at the top of the window. Use the “percent change” box to change the pitch- positive changes will make the pitch higher, while negative will make it lower. Try to stay in the -25 to 25 percent range in order to avoid distorting the audio beyond recognition.

Screen shot 2


5. You’re done! Check out what my phone conversation sounds like. I changed the pitch of one side of my conversation to make it 10% higher, and the other, 10% lower. Here’s the final product.

The 13th Floor

This post wraps up my work for week 13 of ds106. This week has certainly been a wild ride. Here’s what I did:

First of all, I created my first assignment and added it to the assignment bank. It’s called “Have a Phone Conversation with Yourself.” I will be adding a tutorial for this assignment soon. Here is a link to my blog post about it.

Secondly was the main part of this week’s work, the agency. My agency, “No Stain No Problem”, did a really great job and created a really interesting story that we portrayed in video format. We created a show that was called “Without a Trace”, and consisted of four episodes. In these episodes our agency tried to solve the mystery of the disappearance of Noir Cat. Our secondary media assignments included to-do lists, bulletin boards, photography, and a phone conversation. All of our media can be found at this link. I will also re-embed into this post the four video episodes that make up our primary media. Here they are.

Finally, each member of the agency had to do four updates over the course of the investigation. You saw the first two of those updates last week. The last two updates I did can be found here. Simply click on the date to see that day’s update. I hope you enjoy the work of No Stain No Problem! Until next time!

Have a Phone Conversation with Yourself

This is the first assignment that I have created and added to the assignment bank. It is a three-star audio assignment that requires a fair amount of time and a decent aptitude with audio editing software. The assignment’s full description can be found here. I will be making a tutorial for this assignment that will be up shortly. Hope you guys enjoy this assignment!

Cheaper by the Dozen

This week was the first time that Blair Morgan, Jack Sadler, Ol Mick Bretton, Stella Vaughn and I officially worked together as a part of our new agency, No Stain No Problem (NSNP), and boy did we have some work to do! Our first caller of the week had us heading to Harrison- a tiny little town in rural Idaho in which lies the dirty motel where our client brutally murdered a man (not that that’s any of our business). It wasn’t an easy clean up, as there was blood and appendages strewn everywhere, but we did the job. Here is my full update on our Harrison job.

Our second client of the week sent us to an equally unimpressive location- the town of Tecolotito, NM. It was there that our client disposed of a big time lawyer lady named Wanda T. Fox by drowning her in her own bathtub. Unfortunately, the whole second floor of the apartment complex was flooded in the process. Nevertheless, it was a slightly more straight forward job I suppose. Here is my full update on our Tecolotito job

We did find some suspicious things while working on our two jobs this week, and it seems to revolve around cats. Both locations seemed to be scenes of, in addition to murder of course, cat disappearance. I don’t know what this means, but I do know that it is suspicious. My fellow agency members and I will be working around the clock to close this case, you can count on it!!

Every Damn Day

This week I did two daily creates. Let’s check them out!

noddy on plane

The first one I did was to photoshop little Noddy out of the trash can and put him somewhere else. I decided to put Noddy on a plane. You can see him in the window above. Noddy is on his way to Hawaii to beach it up!


The second daily create I did this week was umbrella photography. I’m going to be honest here- I don’t own an umbrella. So I found this picture on the internet. I think it is a pretty cool umbrella picture.

We’ve Got An Agency!

I just wanted to update you guys on the agency that we have created- Stella, Blair, Mick, Jack and I that is. It is called “No Stain No Problem.” We are in the business of cleaning/stain removal- mostly of carpets and… other things. Here is our website. Our mission statement is: “If you don’t believe in magic, you’ve never gotten away with murder.” Definitely stay tuned to our site to see what we’re up to.