With our radio show project coming up soon, I have created a promotional poster for our show, Noir Not The Father! Since our show is a Maury-style talk show, I found a great photo depicting a crowd reaction from a similar show. The photo is actually taken from the Jerry Springer Show, which is very similar to Maury. Then I used Microsoft Paint to edit the photo and add captions to it. You can see the finished product below. Noir Not The Father will be presented by myself, Mia Boleis, Kelsey Roach, Cuyler Matteson, and Philip Dorch. I hope this poster helps you all get excited about our show!

Noir Not the Father- promo poster

4 comments on “Noir Not The Father- Promotional Poster

  1. Chelsea Irizarry

    This is a great idea! I excited to hear the final outcome of your radio show, just like Maury and Jerry Springer I am sure it will be full of emotion. I am curious how you will incorporate the theme noir, though. Good luck!

  2. Tyler Daig

    This is great!!! I really love the creativity using that phrase. You using lie detector tests or DNA? lol I am excited to here your show!

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