After two weeks of hard work, my group’s radio show “Noir Not The Father” is done; courtesy of myself, Cuyler Matteson, Mia Boleis, Kelsey Roach, and Philip Dorch.

Last week I explained how we had formed our group, come up with the concept for our show (a Maury style talk show), and outlined what we were going to do and who needed to do what. This week we put it all together! My individual job coming into this week was to make one of the radio bumpers that we would use for the show. I put a lot of effort into making this bumper and it was definitely the best audio work I have done thus far in ds106. I layered three different sounds on top of each other in this bumper. It starts out with music- the song is called “Higher Ground” by TNGHT. The music fades in until it is at full volume, at which point my voice comes in to remind listeners of what they’re tuned in to. Then the music cuts off abruptly and is replaced by a raucous crowd cheering enthusiastically- a sound that I pulled from an actual Maury show. As the cheering sound slowly fades out, the music fades back in to full volume, and then my voice comes back in on top of that to tell listeners not to go away. Finally, the music fades away as the bumper ends. Take a listen!

Cuyler and Philip were also in charge of making bumpers, and they did a great job. Mia and Kelsey had the job of making the commercials for the show, and Mia also made our theme song, which is so cool I just have to include it separately to show you all.

Once we had all these components, we were ready to hammer out a script. We met twice at the convergence center as a group; on Monday evening for two hours and then on Wednesday for a whopping five hours! We took full advantage of this time to create a script that is equal parts funny, witty, entertaining, and noir-ish. We ended up dividing the actual writing up fairly evenly, as most of us did all the writing for our own character. Everyone in our group worked very hard and exceeded their individual responsibilities. It was a joy to work with my group. The final thing we did was record the show. This was the most fun part of the entire process. I wish that we could show you all of the bloopers and outtakes from our recording session, because they were hilarious. In the end, we had created one hell of a radio show. Without further ado, here it is!

2 comments on “Noir Not The Father is here!

  1. Jack Eaton

    Hahahahahah GREAT title! I really like your bumper man. The Maury clip that was integrated into it was a nice touch. I also really like the intro to the actual show. got me hooked within the fist 25 seconds! Nice work!

  2. Kendall Parker

    Your show title catches my attention every time. The whole show is awesome, very well put together. I’m happy you had such success with your group. I did, as well. I like how it has some relation to real life with the connection to the Maury show. Well done!

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