This week I had to do three daily creates. The first one I did was on Wednesday, and the instructions were to make an inspirational poster that featured something that you yourself have said. I found a cliff jumping picture online to use as my background, and the words of wisdom that I used were “Life’s too short to not go for broke”. This is something that I like to say to myself when I am too scared to take a risk. I used Microsoft Paint to make this poster. Here it is:

inspirational poster

The second daily create I did this week was on Thursday, and the instructions were to make some tree art! This is the first time I used the software for image editing. I can now definitely say that it does much more stuff than Microsoft Paint, and is fairly intuitive to use. For my tree art, I took a picture of the treeline outside the window of my apartment, and then used several different effects to warp the photo and, in my opinion, make it very cool-looking.

The final daily create I did this week was today, and the instructions were to make some fingerprint art. I found a really good picture of a fingerprint on the internet, and then decided to have some fun with this one by drawing arms, legs, and a face on the fingerprint using I think it came out pretty funny-looking.

Fingerprint art

3 comments on “Daily Dosage

  1. Jonathan Polson

    These are awesome! I love that you kept a fairly consistent theme of working with visuals/design elements for these daily creates. It’s always nice to have a cohesive set of assignment for the week, I think, and you did a really great job with these ones.

  2. Abigail Deaconson

    I LOVE your tree art. And I think the “finger” paint was brilliant. Well done.

  3. Brianna Rose Martino

    I like the creativity of the last one because it takes finger painting to another level almost. Great work guys!!

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