11:11 Make a Wish

This post concludes my work for ds106 week 11! I had a lot of fun this week. Let’s check out what I did.

1. Cranked out the basics of my group’s agency.

We are “No Stain No Problem”, and we don’t cut corners- we clean them. For more information, check out my post, and/or our website.

2. Completed two more daily creates.

This week I found some umbrella photography, and photoshopped Noddy onto a plane! You can find more info in my post. Here are the pictures I made.

noddy on plane


3. Did 10 stars of assignments.

This week I completed a character resume, a pinterest board, and a monologue of a household tool. See the links for more info.

High five?

This post concludes week five of ds106. I fell a bit short this week, and wasn’t able to complete all the assignments in time. Here’s what I did get done:

1. Watched a film.

2. Did daily creates.

3. Did 12+ stars of design assignments. 1, 2, 3, 4.