Daily Creates

Daily Create Ideas

The first daily create that I came up with is called “Who’s the #1 pick?” The idea of this daily create is for the student to choose someone they think deserves a #1 pick in life, and photoshop them into the following picture. The picture was taken at this year’s NFL Draft and shows NFL commissioner Roger Goodell with one of the drafted players. I think it’s a cool idea. Check it out!

fowler draft


The second daily create that I came up with is called “Learn a new language.” The instructions are as follows: choose a language that you have never spoken, and use the internet to learn the numbers 1-10 in that language. Then make a video and upload it to YouTube of you counting to ten in your new language. Brownie points for correct pronunciation.

I hope that my daily create ideas will be used in the future. What do you guys think?

Every Damn Day

This week I did two daily creates. Let’s check them out!

noddy on plane

The first one I did was to photoshop little Noddy out of the trash can and put him somewhere else. I decided to put Noddy on a plane. You can see him in the window above. Noddy is on his way to Hawaii to beach it up!


The second daily create I did this week was umbrella photography. I’m going to be honest here- I don’t own an umbrella. So I found this picture on the internet. I think it is a pretty cool umbrella picture.

Daily Dosage

This week I had to do three daily creates. The first one I did was on Wednesday, and the instructions were to make an inspirational poster that featured something that you yourself have said. I found a cliff jumping picture online to use as my background, and the words of wisdom that I used were “Life’s too short to not go for broke”. This is something that I like to say to myself when I am too scared to take a risk. I used Microsoft Paint to make this poster. Here it is:

inspirational poster

The second daily create I did this week was on Thursday, and the instructions were to make some tree art! This is the first time I used the paint.net software for image editing. I can now definitely say that it does much more stuff than Microsoft Paint, and is fairly intuitive to use. For my tree art, I took a picture of the treeline outside the window of my apartment, and then used several different effects to warp the photo and, in my opinion, make it very cool-looking.


The final daily create I did this week was today, and the instructions were to make some fingerprint art. I found a really good picture of a fingerprint on the internet, and then decided to have some fun with this one by drawing arms, legs, and a face on the fingerprint using paint.net. I think it came out pretty funny-looking.

Fingerprint art

Take Once Daily

This week once again I did three daily creates. Who wants to see them?!

My different sides

I did my first daily create on Tuesday. The instructions said to make a collage that showed the different sides of me. I didn’t know whether to take this literally or figuratively, so I tried to do both! My photos encapsulate different aspects of my life as well as showing me from different angles. I guess you could say I killed two birds with one stone!

Thursday’s daily create instructed me to make a short video of something that makes me laugh out loud. Ironically, I made a youtube video about youtube videos that I find funny. These youtube videos are by Kyle Mooney, who I think is hilarious. I hope you will too.

The last daily create I did was make a poem about how music changed my life. The link isn’t working so I will just paste it below. I think it is fairly clever ;).

It Gets the People GOIN

Whenever life has got you feeling down
And you can’t seem to get out of the rut,
There’s one thing that will erase your frown
And give you a good feeling in your gut.

If you feel like you’re losing a battle with stress
Kid Cudi will strengthen your resolve.
If you’re having trouble finding a date
The Weeknd will help you evolve.

If you’re looking for a pregame pump up
Weezy F Baby is one of a kind.
If you’re looking for a lyrical masterpiece
Slim Shady will blow your mind.

If you just wanna dance
Justin Timberlake will get you movin’
Moral of the story is
That music will always get you groovin’

The Daily Grind

This week I completed three daily creates. All of them were photos that I uploaded to Flickr. Let’s take a look!

Ds106 space station

The instructions for the first daily create I did were to imagine that the ds in ds106 stood for “deep space”, and to create what I thought the deep space 106 space station would look like. I had to rely on my imagination for this one, and the space station that I drew ended up looking like a donut with four spaceship hangars jutting out of it. I also added many windows and access doors but you probably wouldn’t want to open those up when we are in deep space!

action movie poster

The point of the second daily create I did was to create some sort of image worthy of being an action movie poster and incorporate the colors teal blue and orange. For this I decided to dress up in said colors and strike an action pose myself. As you can see, my finger guns are at the ready as I prepare to raid a room. Who knows what I will find in there!

The new 16 inch heel

The assignment for the final daily create that I completed this week said to create a unique heel concept by elevating my foot on some sort of everyday item. I decided to use a cup to elevate my heel. I had seen this done on a tv show before, but I was unaware of how terribly uncomfortable it would be. Nevertheless, standing in the cup gave me the same result as wearing very high-heeled shoes.

I do it on the daily

This week I did three daily creates. On Thursday I made a family tree using familyecho.com. I decided to do this digitally since I don’t have much faith in my artistic abilities. In my tree I included my immediate family: my parents and three brothers.

family tree

On Saturday I got to play an internet arcade game for my daily create. The game was called “Field Goal”. The object of the game was to move the bar around at the bottom of the screen in order to bounce the ball off of it. The ball would bounce back and forth across the screen, faster and faster, and it got increasingly difficult to catch the ball with the bar.

For today’s daily create I had to make jewelry out of food. I chose to make a pretzel bracelet, mainly because that’s the only food I had around the apartment at the time. The bracelet band is actually a flash drive that fastens around your wrist. All I did was put pretzels on it. The part I enjoyed most was eating the pretzels afterward.

Pretzel bracelet

Daily Creates!!

This week I did two daily creates. On Tuesday I made a picture with words on it, or a meme as it is commonly known, with the theme of “I’m sorry”. In light of the Superbowl being last Sunday, I decided to pick on Seattle Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman. Here’s my meme.

Sherman meme

The second daily create I did was today, Friday. The assignment was: if my life was a sitcom, what would be the theme song. I chose The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars as my theme song, and I remixed it and personalized the lyrics. Let me know what you think!