Warning Poster

For my second assignment of the week, Cuyler Matteson and I collaborated to “Create a Warning Poster” for 3 stars. Here are the instructions.

For this assignment, Cuyler and I incorporated both of our characters: Billy Steel and Michael “Ol’ Mick” Bretton. The idea of this poster is that Ol’ Mick, a detective, is informing people to watch out for Steel, who is a violent vigilante who is known to take the law into his own hands. We found a really cool, dark, ominous picture to represent Steel on the poster, and then used photoshop to compile all the aspects into a finished poster. Check out our work!

Look out for billy steel. He's dangerous.

10-Step Photo Challenge

For this challenge I had to take 10 steps while taking one picture each step. I organized my pictures into a collage. Here it is!


Story Map

The next visual assignment I did was a story map of my baseball trip that I took last summer with my dad and brother. It was a pretty sweet trip. Check it out! Unfortunately, the embed feature of storymap is malfunctioning, so all I can give you is the link.

What’s in Your Bag?

The first visual assignment I completed this week is called What’s in Your Bag? So here you go!


The only bag I carry is my school backpack. This ^^ is everything that goes inside. First, I always have one or more binders in my backpack- each binder is for a different class. Then I always have my assignment calendar, where I write down all the ongoing work I have and when it is due. I also carry a calculator for my math classes. Then I have three pencils, two pens, two highlighters, one sharpie, one pencil sharpener, one eraser, and some moisturizer. These are my essentials, and they’re with me all the time when I’m on campus!

Noir Safari

Dramatic use of distinct shadows


Lighting from one side


Off-kilter or unusual camera angle


Sense of drama/moodiness


Characters captured in a tableau suggesting an intense/fraught moment


Noir Cinematography

Killer’s Kiss

kkiss1 kkiss2

Killer’s Kiss was chalk full of classic noir photography¬†elements, but I’m going to hone in on the two seen in the stills above. The first is a great example of lighting from one side, as you see how menacing a character can look while holding a pistol in a dark warehouse. The second still depicts an unusual camera angle, as the shot is taken from some distance away, and low to the ground, which creates an amazingly eerie feel.



The above still from Hitch-Hiker depicts a character caught in an intense tableau, and it has to be one of the scariest photos¬†I’ve ever seen. Another cool thing about this film noir is that it abandons the typical urban environment and instead takes place in the desert southwest. Nonetheless, the noir cinematography elements in this one are as strong as any.