DS106 Wallpaper

The first assignment I did this week was called “Create Your Own DS106 Wallpaper”. This assignment was worth 4 stars. Here are the instructions.

For this assignment I used the image editing software Microsoft Paint, and my final product is a composite of several images and text phrases. On the wallpaper I included, not only my own character, but also Stella Vaughn, a character created by my radio show group member Kelsey Roach.

My character, Billy Steel, is an alcoholic vigilante who was born in 1905 in Detroit. Billy spends much of his time hunting down gang members in his neighborhood and showing them justice by way of his shotgun. For this reason, I included in the wallpaper a portrait of Billy holding his shotgun.

Kelsey’s character, Stella Vaughn, is a sociopathic psychologist who was born in 1966 in Centralia, PA. Stella loves to explore the crazy minds of her patients in quite a messed up way. In the wallpaper I included a portrait of Stella with her bag.

Check out my wallpaper!

ds106 wallpaper assignment

Noir/pulp book cover

The last assignment I did this week was the noir/pulp book cover. This assignment was worth 3 stars, and its instructions can be found here.

For my book cover, I again used my character, Billy “Saw” Steel, as inspiration. This book would detail his story, and how he lives a vigilante lifestyle in the tough streets of Detroit. The picture that I found for this cover is actually perfect, because it is actually a picture of Detroit. The only drawback is that the man appears to be wearing a hoodie sweatshirt, which were probably not around in Saw’s time. Well here is my book cover, let me know what you think of it!

Book cover

Bumper Sticker

The next assignment I did this week was called Bumper Sticker. It was worth 3.5 stars and the assignment instructions can be found here.

Billy "Saw" Steel bumper sticker

The bumper sticker that I made is for my character, Billy “Saw” Steel. Since Saw is a ruthless vigilante of sorts, I decided to use part of Ezekiel 25:17 from the Bible to exemplify this. I used the same version that is used in Samuel L. Jackson’s famous monologue from “Pulp Fiction”. I believe this quote defines Saw very well because he is someone who is motivated by vengeance and anger, and he will stop at nothing to rid his Detroit neighborhood of its ruthless gangs. The photo I included in the bumper sticker is of course a sawed-off shotgun, Saw’s weapon of choice. Let me know what you think!

Professor Groom Poster

The second assignment I did was make a Professor Groom Poster! This assignment was worth 4.5 stars, and the assignment instructions can be found here.

For this assignment I was supposed to make a tv show/movie poster featuring Groom’s face. I decided to make Groom the next 007, so I found a picture of Daniel Craig as James Bond, pasted Groom’s face over Craig’s, and added a caption. For this assignment I used free software called I did encounter some difficulties trying to edit and crop the picture of Groom. I was able to trace around Groom’s head and get rid of the background, but turned that background white instead of just getting rid of it. I couldn’t figure out how to fix it, but I did the best I could and I think it looks pretty decent. Check it out!

007 Jim Groom

One story/four icons






The first assignment I did this week was called one story/four icons. It was worth 2.5 stars and the assignment page can be found here.

The icons above represent a certain movie. The first icon is a camera. It is rather old fashioned, and has a big bulb that attaches to the top of it for flash photography. It is the kind of camera that only one whose profession was photography would generally have.

The next icon is a cast. This cast is very big and would cover a person’s entire leg. If one were forced to have this cast put on their leg, it would render that person almost completely immobile until it was taken off. Said person would probably have to have a wheelchair to get around, and a personal assistant to help dress and undress them.

The third icon is a saw. This saw is held and operated by one hand. It is very sharp and powerful, and capable of cutting through very hard, dense material. You would want to be very careful handling this type of saw, because there is no part of your body that it couldn’t cut through if you had an accident.

The last icon is a case of some sort. It buckles at the top, and has a hard shell that would protect any contents. This case could protect any fragile item, and you would likely see it used by merchants as a sample case. It is not all that large, so if you needed to carry something of significant size you would have to make several trips, carrying a little bit at a time.

The movie that these icons represent is a mystery thriller that was made in the 1950’s. The man who produced and directed this film is very famous for such classics as Psycho and The Birds. Can you guess the movie?