TUTORIAL- Do a Talk Show Interview

This is the tutorial for the assignment I created called “Do a Talk Show Interview.” You can click on the link to view the assignment in the ds106 assignment bank.

1. Download a clip. Find an appropriate talk show clip to use for your interview. Length is up to you, but you’re going to want to find something less than ten minutes. Try to find a clip where you can isolate a lot of footage of just the interviewer, not the person being interviewed. That way it will look better when you substitute in footage of yourself.

2. Trim the video. Put the downloaded clip into a video editing program, like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. I used Movie Maker. Once the clip is uploaded to the program, cut out the parts of the video that you don’t want. When you’re finished with this step, all that should be left is footage of the interviewer asking questions.

movie maker 1

3. Plan your responses. Now that you’ve isolated the questions in the interview, come up with appropriate responses in order to make the interview flow nicely and seem realistic.

4. Record and format. Do a webcam recording of your responses, one at a time. Then put the responses into the appropriate places between the question clips. Play with the trim tool in order to make the video flow as well as possible.

movie maker 2

5. You’re done! Check out what my interview looks like. I did an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. It was a lot of fun. Enjoy!

Do a Talk Show Interview

This is the second and final assignment I created for the ds106 assignment bank. It is a four star video assignment that requires a lot of time and a fair bit of video editing skill. The full description of the assignment can be found here. An accompanying tutorial for this assignment will be up in the next couple of days. Enjoy!

TUTORIAL- Have a Phone Conversation With Yourself

This is the tutorial for the assignment I created called “Have a Phone Conversation With Yourself.” You can click on the link to view the assignment in the ds106 assignment bank.

1. Write a script. Get both sides of the conversation down on paper, separated by each “person” in the convo. Length is up to you. I tried to make about a minute worth of dialogue.

2. Record. Record each side of the conversation as two separate audio tracks in audacity. Be sure to leave pauses in between each line you say. That way, you can split the audio up nicely to fit both sides of the dialogue in and make it flow nicely.

Screen shot 1


3. Format. Split the audio, move it around, do what you gotta do to line it up. When you’re done with this step, it should literally sound like you’re having a conversation with yourself.

4. Change your voice. I used the “Change Pitch” effect. It is easy to find in the “Effects” drop down menu at the top of the window. Use the “percent change” box to change the pitch- positive changes will make the pitch higher, while negative will make it lower. Try to stay in the -25 to 25 percent range in order to avoid distorting the audio beyond recognition.

Screen shot 2


5. You’re done! Check out what my phone conversation sounds like. I changed the pitch of one side of my conversation to make it 10% higher, and the other, 10% lower. Here’s the final product.

Have a Phone Conversation with Yourself

This is the first assignment that I have created and added to the assignment bank. It is a three-star audio assignment that requires a fair amount of time and a decent aptitude with audio editing software. The assignment’s full description can be found here. I will be making a tutorial for this assignment that will be up shortly. Hope you guys enjoy this assignment!

Monologue of a “Household” Tool

This assignment is worth 4.5 stars and the instructions can be found here.

I am the “household” tool that Billy Steel loves the most. I put household in quotes because I don’t think the average person would consider me an everyday item. Anyway, I am very involved in Billy’s life. He is always carrying me around, just about wherever he goes. Sometimes he conceals me under his jacket, other times he holds me out in the open. I suppose I can be pretty intimidating. Dangerous, too, if you give me ammunition. I mean figuratively of course. Or do I.. Anyway, I am rather bulky, but at the same time short and stout. I also have a handle, and a spout.If you see me in Billy’s hands, you’re going to want to walk the other way.

I wish Billy would take better care of me. I usually just get manhandled. He doesn’t seem to appreciate me for the valuable piece of equipment that I am. After all, it is I who always has to do the dirty work. Trust me, I do not enjoy it. Unfortunately, it’s in my nature- it’s what I was made for. I definitely feel like Billy overuses me though. You would be horrified if you knew how much work I’ve gotten in the past month alone. Sometimes I’m not even used the way I’m supposed to be. Whatever it takes to get the job done, I guess. I’ve definitely seen some things you should hope you never have to see. Can you guess what I am?

You’re a Pinteresting Character

For this assignment, I had to create a board on Pinterest representing me, Billy Steel, and pin 20 things to the board. I have the following things pinned on my board:

  • 3 pins about shotguns- shotguns are my weapon of choice, so I pinned things to my wall including the “Super Shorty Shotgun”, the “10 Greatest Shotguns Ever Made in America”, and instructions on how to properly choke a shotgun
  • 1 pin about robotic weaponry- shotguns may be my forte, but I am intrigued by all sorts of weapons
  • 1 pin about “The 9 Most Famous Prostitutes in History”- I cheated on my wife Jackie many times with prostitutes, so you could say they turn me on
  • 2 pins about the city of Detroit- it is my hometown after all
  • 1 pin about the “Top Attractions in Indianapolis”- I needed something to do when I escaped from police custody and went into hiding
  • 1 pin about “The 22 Best Whiskey Bars in America”- I’m pretty sure this goes without explaining, who doesn’t love whiskey?
  • 1 pin from Alcoholics Anonymous- for when I indulge in too much whiskey
  • 1 pin about Ford’s assembly line- so everyone can understand how shitty of a job that was
  • 1 pin about a 1950’s gang in Brooklyn- you may know about my, er, obsession with gangs
  • 3 pins about carpet cleaning/stain removal- these came in handy after I murdered my wife in cold blood
  • 1 pin about “Dealing With Trials in Marriage”- I really did try to make it work at first
  • 1 pin about “How to Escape From Handcuffs”- this helped me escape from custody after NNTF
  • 2 pins about overcoming stage fright- I needed this big time before I made my television debut on NNTF: The Reunion
  • and finally, 1 pin about curious cats- I admit, I have a sweet spot for curious cats

Here is the link to my board. Enjoy!

Billy Steel’s Resume

Billy S. Steel

318 Industrial Drive

Detroit, VA  48202




Key Skills

  • Teamwork
  • Multitasking and completing work on time and accurately
  • Proficiency with weapons, especially guns
  • Evidence concealment
  • Undetected relocation



Lincoln High School              Graduation:  n/a

  • 2 years completed
  • State wrestling champion in 125lb weight class



  • Technician at Baldwin’s Bicycles
  • Time of Employment: 3 years
  • 45 hours/week
  • Duties: Bicycle repairs, cash register operation, shipment orders
  • Employment terminated by employer for “suspicious behavior and inventory disappearance.”
  • Factory Worker at Ford Motor Co.
    • Time of Employment: 13 years
    • 50 hours/week
    • Duties: Operating assembly line, restocking inventory, cleaning floor and machinery
    • Resigned employment due to relocation.



  • Guest star on Noir NOT The Father radio/tv series (2 episodes)



Determined individual who will consistently do whatever it takes to get the job done. Will go the extra mile and make decisions on his own to achieve the objective. Occasionally receives complaints for not listening to instructions and stepping beyond his boundaries. Very independent.

Noir NOT The Father: The Reunion

Noir NOT The Father is here! Stella, Blair, Mick, Jack, and I spent MANY hours filming and editing on Friday and Saturday, and then Blair put in several more hours putting the finishing touches on the show. Finally we have finished. I have to say, I am very excited to make my television debut, but I’m most excited about getting to make fun of Mick on tv. In addition to starring in the episode, I also created one of the commercials that airs during the show (Blood Be Gone!). Let me know what you think of our show!

Billy Steel: The Interview

The major assignment that I had to complete this week, outside of my group’s video project, was to create an interview of myself, Billy Steel, answering some of the questions put forth by the Noir 106 professors. This was challenging in two aspects. First, it required thinking about my past as laid out in previous blog posts, as well as things about me that haven’t yet been blogged about. Secondly, I had to use some moderately difficult video editing techniques to splice the videos together.

As far as the creation of the video goes, I first recorded myself with my computer’s webcam responding to seven of the interview questions. I chose to answer seven of Burtis’s questions. I did this in seven different clips, which were recorded on Windows Movie Maker, my video editing software of choice. The next thing I had to do was download the video of Burtis asking the questions. I wasn’t sure how to do this at first, as the video was on YouTube, but I googled it and ended up using a website that converted the YouTube link into a downloadable MP4 file. I then uploaded this file to Movie Maker, split it after every question she asked, and inserted the appropriate clips of my answers in between her questions. Coincidentally, I think it came out very well! I have posted the finished product below. Make sure you check out Burtis’s face after I answer the last question!