For my second assignment of the week, Cuyler Matteson and I collaborated to “Create a Warning Poster” for 3 stars. Here are the instructions.

For this assignment, Cuyler and I incorporated both of our characters: Billy Steel and Michael “Ol’ Mick” Bretton. The idea of this poster is that Ol’ Mick, a detective, is informing people to watch out for Steel, who is a violent vigilante who is known to take the law into his own hands. We found a really cool, dark, ominous picture to represent Steel on the poster, and then used photoshop to compile all the aspects into a finished poster. Check out our work!

Look out for billy steel. He's dangerous.

5 comments on “Warning Poster

  1. Jack Eaton

    I LOL’d at the “Suspect is more dangerous when intoxicated which is a lot.” and “Mick likes to get drunk as well.” Just though it was funny! Good job.

  2. Mia Boleis

    haha I love this. I agree with Jack about “Mick likes to get drunk as well.” I feel like after the radio show I’m emotionally invested in your characters, so I’m happy nothing has changed about their personalities since the show! Great Job with this!

  3. Kim Roehl

    I like this poster a lot! It looks authentic with the last known photo at the top, but also adds the hint of hilarity with the jab at both characters having a drinking problem. Also, I think the all capital letters work really well because they add a sense of urgency and importance to the warning. Overall, great work!

  4. Ellen O'Brien

    Great job on this poster! It looks very official, but the text on it is really funny too! This was a great way to connect your characters together, very creative idea.

  5. Lesya Melnychenko

    At first the typos bothered me, but then I saw that this was meant to have been written by Ol’ drunk Mick. This adds a whole other level of humor for me! I really liked the way that you textured this with the pixel pattern- it looks cool

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