This is the tutorial for the assignment I created called “Have a Phone Conversation With Yourself.” You can click on the link to view the assignment in the ds106 assignment bank.

1. Write a script. Get both sides of the conversation down on paper, separated by each “person” in the convo. Length is up to you. I tried to make about a minute worth of dialogue.

2. Record. Record each side of the conversation as two separate audio tracks in audacity. Be sure to leave pauses in between each line you say. That way, you can split the audio up nicely to fit both sides of the dialogue in and make it flow nicely.

Screen shot 1


3. Format. Split the audio, move it around, do what you gotta do to line it up. When you’re done with this step, it should literally sound like you’re having a conversation with yourself.

4. Change your voice. I used the “Change Pitch” effect. It is easy to find in the “Effects” drop down menu at the top of the window. Use the “percent change” box to change the pitch- positive changes will make the pitch higher, while negative will make it lower. Try to stay in the -25 to 25 percent range in order to avoid distorting the audio beyond recognition.

Screen shot 2


5. You’re done! Check out what my phone conversation sounds like. I changed the pitch of one side of my conversation to make it 10% higher, and the other, 10% lower. Here’s the final product.

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  1. Emily May

    Great tutorial! I’m going to try this one for an assignment this week. Hopefully it will turn out as good as yours 🙂

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