The second assignment I did this week was create and recite an original poem. This assignment was worth 3.5 stars. Here is the assignment page.

I wrote my poem about my character, Billy “Saw” Steel. More specifically, it is about Steel’s home city, Detroit, and the neighborhood in which he lives. This is the first time I tried to make a poem that doesn’t have any type of rhyme scheme. I am kind of worried that it came off more as just a story instead of a poem, but let me know what you guys think!

4 comments on “Steel’s City – Original Poem

  1. Brianna Rose Martino

    I love the deep, kind of dark voice used in the poem, it really helps relate it back to the whole original idea of noir and how it works. I also love the amount of detail used, not too much, but enough to keep us interested in it and wanting more. I thought it sounds like a poem and you did a great job!

  2. Amy

    “The air has a gray-ness to it that never goes away, and becomes instilled in the very people who breathe it in.” Dude. I think you just explained noir in a nutshell. How amazing :).

  3. Spencer Scott

    I really dig your poem. At first, I’ll admit that I almost turned away because of the dry delivery, until I realized it was part of the work. The dry delivery really adds to the work as a whole, though. It makes it sound much more factual and, frankly, rather depressing–which I took to be the point.
    It came off sounding like a poem, not a story. You noted that as a concern I figured I’d give you some feedback on that point. I’ve yet to brave the rhyme-less poem style, but I’m really glad you did. I’ll have to try it out sometime soon.
    You’ve got poet skills. It actually gave me a reaction that’ll stick with me for a while, so thanks for that.

  4. Tyler Daig

    Burns, I didnt know you had such raw talent in poetry… I would to here some more of this at practice tomorrow. But actually, I enjoyed it. I listened to it before reading your blog so at first I was like what the hell it doesnt rhyme lol, but it worked great.!!

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