The first assignment I did this week was called “Soundboard Conversation”. It was worth 4 stars. Here is the assignment page.

For this assignment I had to create a conversation between myself and a movie/tv character using an online soundboard. I chose to have my conversation with Gus from my favorite tv show, Psych. I used a soundboard clip I found on In this clip, Gus is interrogating Shawn, the other main character in Psych, because he has been following him without his knowledge. I used the the audio editing software Audacity in order to silence the parts of the audio where Shawn was talking. Then, I recorded myself talking in the gaps that used to be filled with Shawn’s audio. Here is how our conversation turned out.

If you were wondering how the original conversation went with Shawn and Gus from the show, I included that as well.

7 comments on “Soundboard Conversation

  1. Kayleigh Barbee

    I really like how you changed the situation entirely from the original in terms of location and subject. Also, Psych is an awesome show to use because there are so many funny conversations in each episode.

  2. Jason Nemeth

    That was a great way to make a twist on Gus and Shawn’s conversation. Making it about gushers was gold, I was cracking up.

  3. Martha

    This turned out well. I wasn’t familiar with this assignment, and I’m also new to Soundboard. Now I want to make a #ds106 Soundboard from all the various videos people have made.

  4. Brianna Rose Martino

    I love this and love how much time that you put into the assignment. I am now going to explore doing this type of editing now because I love the way that it turned out. Great creativity and I like that you related it back to your favorite show!

  5. Brian G

    That was funny, I am actually going to check out that website! Psych is also one of my favorite shows to watch if I am actually watching tv for once.

  6. Janaye Evans

    Yessss, I love Pysch so much and this came out great!

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