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I am the “household” tool that Billy Steel loves the most. I put household in quotes because I don’t think the average person would consider me an everyday item. Anyway, I am very involved in Billy’s life. He is always carrying me around, just about wherever he goes. Sometimes he conceals me under his jacket, other times he holds me out in the open. I suppose I can be pretty intimidating. Dangerous, too, if you give me ammunition. I mean figuratively of course. Or do I..¬†Anyway, I am rather bulky, but at the same time short and stout. I also have a handle, and a spout.If you see me in Billy’s hands, you’re going to want to walk the other way.

I wish Billy would take better care of me. I usually just get manhandled. He doesn’t seem to appreciate me for the valuable piece of equipment that I am. After all, it is I who always has to do the dirty work. Trust me, I do not enjoy it. Unfortunately, it’s in my nature- it’s what I was made for. I definitely feel like Billy overuses me though. You would be horrified if you knew how much work I’ve gotten in the past month alone. Sometimes I’m not even used the way I’m supposed to be. Whatever it takes to get the job done, I guess. I’ve definitely seen some things you should hope you never have to see. Can you guess what I am?

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