The major assignment that I had to complete this week, outside of my group’s video project, was to create an interview of myself, Billy Steel, answering some of the questions put forth by the Noir 106 professors. This was challenging in two aspects. First, it required thinking about my past as laid out in previous blog posts, as well as things about me that haven’t yet been blogged about. Secondly, I had to use some moderately difficult video editing techniques to splice the videos together.

As far as the creation of the video goes, I first recorded myself with my computer’s webcam responding to seven of the interview questions. I chose to answer seven of Burtis’s questions. I did this in seven different clips, which were recorded on Windows Movie Maker, my video editing software of choice. The next thing I had to do was download the video of Burtis asking the questions. I wasn’t sure how to do this at first, as the video was on YouTube, but I googled it and ended up using a website that converted the YouTube link into a downloadable MP4 file. I then uploaded this file to Movie Maker, split it after every question she asked, and inserted the appropriate clips of my answers in between her questions. Coincidentally, I think it came out very well! I have posted the finished product below. Make sure you check out Burtis’s face after I answer the last question!

4 comments on “Billy Steel: The Interview

  1. Abigail Deaconson

    My favorite answer in your interview was the one about your wife and your wive’s cooking . It made me chuckle.

  2. Brianna Rose Martino

    That was super creative and a great way to do the assignment, I was struggling with how to format this video and this gave me some great ideas. Great work!

  3. Erin

    Wow I really liked your answers. So detailed, it really gave me insight on your character. I like the witty, sarcastic answers at times, it made it fun. I look forward to hearing more from your character!

  4. Melody Bay

    Very insightful towards your character and you were not phased by Burtis’ intense demeanor.

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