Saw was born in 1905 in Detroit, which remains his home. Though small in stature, Saw packs a mean punch. Standing 5’6 160 lbs, it’s hard to believe that he is strong as an ox. He has short jet-black hair and a clean shaven face, which is always accompanied by a mean glare. His clothes are old, and a couple sizes too big. Poking out of his long sleeves are hands as big as saucers, completely disproportionate to his small stature, that could crush a pidgeon between them with ease.

Saw lives in a small apartment in a dirty complex in the middle of the worst of neighborhoods, with his wife Jackie. Bullied as a kid, Saw has a big chip on his shoulder, and a mean personality. It doesn’t help that his and Jackie’s only son was kidnapped and brutally murdered by a local gang at the age of 6. He struggles with alcoholism, as does Jackie, and their relationship has deteriorated to the point that Saw occasionally seeks the company of prostitutes. He works on the assembly line at the Ford Motor Company factory, but he essentially devotes himself to waging a one-man war on the vicious gangs that run the surrounding neighborhoods. He has laid waste to dozens of cold, evil gang members with his sawed-off shotgun, from which he gets his nickname. To this point, the gangs have yet to discover his true identity. A dark, vengeful man, Saw lives by the motto cheaters should be cheated, liars should be lied to, and killers should be killed.

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